Video clip so people can see what I’m asking of them for my film ..

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I’ve posted this so people can see what I’m asking of them for my film. I’m aware some people might not want to do this because they can’t quite visualise it, so I hope this will explain it better. Each person will be on screen for about 30 seconds, although the real time filming of them will only be 6 seconds because the footage is slowed down. I assure you, I’ll make sure there are no crumbs on upper lips or unruly nasal hairs flapping around.

This video hows the kind of framing I’m asking of people. The clip is from the Sony FS700 camera test Steve and I did to find the best slow motion frame rate and best lens to use.  If you look at clip in HD you can see its wonderfully sharp and the shallow depth of field makes for some lovely background blurring.

I won’t deny its bit weird seeing oneself so big but remember this will be in the context of 99 other faces and a very human story of life’s journey is behind the film. Where do I sign up, I hear you say … ?



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