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Outdoor film projection on National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh December ’14


Projection on National Gallery of Scotland Photo by Peter Dibdin

Projection on National Gallery of Scotland Photo by Peter Dibdin

One Hundred Blinks projected onto the National Gallery of Scotland, for 117th Annual Open of the SSA.
‘One Hundred Blinks’ was be projected onto the Scottish National Gallery on December 4th for the opening of the Scottish Society of Artists Annual Exhibition at the RSA. The projection was 16 metres wide on the side facing Edinburgh Castle, the backdrop to the event was Edinburgh’s Christmas.


Film installation at Summerhall, Edinburgh March ’14


Last weekend ‘One Hundred Blinks’ had it’s Edinburgh screening. The film was exhibited as an immersive cinema space with no lighting and bean bags, the film on a continuous loop for viewers to drop in / out of the film at any time.

The film installation was a great success with 120 viewers coming along. At one point it was standing room only. The invaluable feedback was great with 4 people coming out crying (‘It’s just so emotional, viewing life as a cycle like that’) and one man asking if he could get the soundtrack on iTunes as it was so calming. Many people have requested a Glasgow screening, and I’m working on that.

Many thanks to all who came along and to Summerhall and its supportive staff. A thoroughly great venue.

Outdoor projection on Forth Valley Royal Hospital, December ’13

On Thursday December 19, 2013 ‘One Hundred Blinks’ was screened as a large scale projection event at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.  The film was projected 40ft x 60ft on the external wall of the hospital for the evening. Patients, staff and visitors stood and watched the film and many contributors came to see their own part. 100 year old Annie Barker came from Falkirk to see the pivotal part she played. For the event the film was looped, so Annie viewed herself become the 7 week old baby the film begins with.

It was quite a powerful sight to have ‘One Hundred Blinks’ projected upon Forth Valley Royal Hospital. One visitor approached with her young daughter to say they had been sitting in their car and watched the entire hour long film, feeling as if they were at a drive-in.






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